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Off Course Art and Technology (and Philosophy)


The relationship between art and technology has been the subject matter for intensive debate for quite some time. Traditionally, it has always been the arts that tries to put technologies to their extremes, while on the other hand the emergence of new and different technologies can create whole new areas of art. Together, the interplay of art and technology have driven forth the whole of society ever since the dawn of man.

In this offcourse we investigate the fascinating interplay of art and technology, the way this interplay defines who we are as individuals, and the manner in which their relationship has formed the world we inhabit.

The offcourse consists of eight subjects. Each of these is exemplified and illustrated with all kinds of artworks and artforms – both contemporary and more traditional. This way, participants polish their understanding of the matters at hand which will, in the end, allow them to take an informed artistic standpoint within the debate.

The investigation is founded on the vast philosophical tradition that has this subject matter as its focal point. Several key texts, art works and methodologies will be presented in such a way that they help the participants to contextualize the materials, sharpen their understanding and formulate their own position.

Schedule and educational structure

The offcourse consists of eight subjects, which will be delivered in sixteen sessions of 2.5 hours – every subject taking up two sessions. Participants need to prepare for each session by studying specific artworks (in the broadest possible sense) and texts. To help students, study questions are given for all study materials.

Per subject, the sessions will have more or less the following format:

Session 1:

  • Onboarding
  • Presentation about the central concept
  • Discussion of the study materials

Session 2:

  • Brainstorm on how to come to grips with all the materials
  • Feedback on the individual portfolio
  • Work on portfolio
  • Offboarding

Table of contents

The eight subjects are grouped in eight different 'chapters':

chapter subject matter central question poem
1 Presence Where am I? I wondered lonely as a cloud
2 Posthuman What will I be? All watched over by machines of loving grace
3 Identity Who am I? In Memoria
4 Perception What do I see? 题西林壁
5 Time and Space Where is my home? Tussen IJstijden
6 Music What do I hear? Jabberwocky
7 Media How do I perceive? tbd
8 Architecture How do I live? tbd